Four Points

The Main Street

Four-Point Approach

 Main Street organizations target the complex issues that plague traditional business districts such as disinterest, economic instability, and demolition of historic buildings by implementing a four-point approach. These points, Organization, Design, Promotion, and Economic Restructuring, focus on four key elements of a downtown district, and its potential revitalization.

 The  Main Street approach encourages economic development, the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts, and the enhancement of community pride and spirit. The  Main Street approach uses a grassroots methodology, specifically designed for small American towns. The four points emphasize that meaningful, lasting change is incremental and participatory, taking small steps toward change that broad-based community teams of volunteers can implement with pride. Large economic development projects do not always address the underlying causes of commercial decline, and are therefore only temporary generators of growth and change. Long-term, sustainable revitalization requires careful, devoted attention to all aspects of the downtown, as well as patience and local leadership.

 Because of its team-building and local empowerment concepts, the Main Street approach is a process in which every member of a community can support through participation and donation.  Main Street embodies the desires and hopes of the local citizenry to work together to bring to new life and growth to their downtown district, and to return it to is rightful place as the economic and social cornerstone of the community.

The Organization Committee

 The Organization Committee works to get all parts of the program working together toward the same goal. This committee is responsible for managing the financial and logistical aspects of the program through fundraising, management of staff and volunteers, promotion of the program and its goals, and management of the finances of the program. This committee oversees: Volunteer Development, Communications / Public Relations, Fundraising, Personnel Policy, and Fiscal Oversight.

 The Design Committee

The Design Committee works to get the program, and its members, in top physical shape, and to create an inviting downtown atmosphere. This committee is responsible for aiding independent business and property owners in adopting a specific approach for physical improvements through design education, design advice, planning, and motivating with incentives and key projects. This committee oversees: Public Spaces, Building Improvements, Design Education & Technical Assistance, and Design Regulations / Enforcement.

The Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee works to sell the image and the promise of Main Street and the downtown to all prospects with special events and activities. This committee is responsible for reestablishing the downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for both residents and visitors through an understanding of the changing markets, identification of downtown assets, definition of the Main Street market niche, and creation of new image campaigns to return vitality to the retail district. This committee oversees: Marketing Strategy, Image Building, Retail / Business Promotion, and Special Events.

The Economic Restructuring Committee

The Economic Restructuring Committee works to find new purpose for Main Street enterprises by aiding existing businesses and recruiting new ones. This committee is responsible for learning about the districtís current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth, strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones, developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitations and business development, finding new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings, and monitoring performance in the district. This committee oversees: Market Research, Business Assistance, Financial Assistance, and Property Development.

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